Finding Focus for Bible Reading in a Hectic World

In our fast-paced, technology-driven world, finding time and focus for Bible reading can be a significant challenge. The distractions are many, and the demands on our time seem endless. However, engaging with the Bible remains a vital practice for any follower of Jesus.

Here’s how you can carve out space in your busy life for this important discipline.

Set a Specific Time and Place

Consistency is key. Choose a time and place where you are least likely to be disturbed. It could be early in the morning before the day’s activities begin, or perhaps in the evening when the house is quiet. The important thing is to have a set time and place that signals to your mind and body, “This is Bible reading time.”

Minimize Distractions

Turn off your phone, or put it on “Do Not Disturb” mode. If you are reading on a digital device, try using apps that block other distracting apps or notifications. Let your family or housemates know that this is your uninterrupted time.

Embrace Structure

Some of us love the discipline and order of a structured Bible-reading routine. Others? Not so much. Still, some structure is key when trying to remain focused on the Word of God. Here are a few tips.

Incorporate it into Your Daily Routine

Incorporate Bible reading into your existing daily habits. For instance, if you have a morning routine of drinking coffee, read a few verses during that time. Linking Bible reading with a habit you already have makes it easier to remember and maintain–think Jesus-centered habit-stacking!

Use a Reading Plan

Having a structured reading plan can provide direction and prevent the feeling of not knowing where to start. There are many plans available – from one-year Bibles to thematic studies. Choose one that aligns with your interests and schedule.

Join a Bible Study Group

Community can add much-needed structure and accountability to your Bible reading. Joining a study group can provide motivation and deeper insight as you talk about the Scriptures with others.

Use Technology (Wisely)

Smartphones can certainly be a source of distraction, but they can also be a great tool for staying focused on the Bible. Here are a couple of ways to use technology to dive deeper into Scripture.

Listen to the Bible

When reading isn’t feasible, listen to the Bible instead. Audio Bibles, such as the Dwell Bible app, are a great way to engage with Scripture while on the go, or while you’re doing chores around the house.

Lean into Creative Technology

It’s 2024, folks. That means that we’ve got technology that can create a creative, immersive experience around the experience of reading the Bible–all from your smartphone. To learn more about how Dwell can help you engage more with the Word through visuals, music, and more, click here.

Engage Your Mind + Heart

Half the battle of finding focus is making sure your heart and mind are engaged in the task at hand. Here are a couple of tips for getting centered before, after, and during your Bible reading.

Start with Prayer

Before you begin reading, take a moment to pray. This can be as simple as praying, God, would you open my heart and mind to understand your Word? This simple act can set the tone for a devotional time–however short or long–that remains in a posture of prayer.

Try Meditative Music

For some of us, music can be a helpful tool for remaining focused on Scripture and drawing us into a deeper experience. The Dwell app comes with original music that’s tailored to specific Scripture passages–a powerful way to stay keyed into your reading!

Reflect and Apply

After reading, take a moment to reflect on how the passage applies to your life. If you like to journal, jot down a few thoughts, questions, and prayers.

Be Patient: Focus is a Journey

As you practice growing in more focused Bible study, be patient with yourself! No one masters a perfect discipline of Bible reading overnight. Integrate a few of these practices into your life and keep at it. A deeper, richer experience of the Scriptures is just around the corner!

Speaking of spiritual disciplines, the practice of giving is also an area of growth for many followers of Jesus. Tithely is an online giving platform that makes generosity to your local church simple, fast, and easy. To learn more about Tithely, click here.

12 New Ways to Read Your Bible in 2024

The Bible is living and active (Hebrews 4:12), and can always bring us fresh insight, conviction, and perspective. Still, sometimes we need a strategy that can help us engage and connect with the Word of God in a deeper way.

2024 may just be your opportunity to refresh your Bible-reading approach. In the following article, we’ll cover 12 innovative methods for your devotional reading.

Whether you are a long-time Bible reader or just starting, these strategies can help you grow in knowledge and relationship with Jesus.

12 New Ways to Read Your Bible in 2024

  1. Digital Devotions: Embracing Technology

    Think beyond scrolling through Scripture. New Bible technology is making it possible to take in the Word of God in a whole new way–incorporating music and visuals with the Bible for a more tailored, richer experience. Ultimately, this can help you stay focused and tuned in, so that the “still small voice” of God has more opportunity to break through the hustle and bustle of daily life.

  2. Audio Bibles: Listen On-the-Go

    Audio Bibles, such as the Dwell Bible app, are perfect for those with busy lifestyles or who are more auditory learners. Listen to scriptures while commuting, exercising, or doing daily chores. This is a great way to integrate the Bible into your everyday life!

  3. Journaling Bibles: Reflect and Write

    Journaling Bibles, with margins for notes and reflections, encourage a more interactive reading experience. They provide space to jot down thoughts, questions, or insights, personalizing your reading (or if you’re more of an artist, doodle in the margins!)

  4. Visual Bible Study: Engaging with Imagery

    For visual learners, illustrated Bibles or studies that use art and imagery can make complex passages more understandable and memorable–remember, this might be a hard copy Bible or a digital Bible.

  5. Thematic Reading Plans: Focused Learning

    Try thematic reading plans that focus on specific topics like mercy, justice, women in the Bible, or relationships. This strategy breaks free from chronological reading and helps you dive deeper into topics that might be piquing your interest or curiosity.

  6. Community Reading: Shared Insights

    Joining a Bible study group or forming one can offer diverse perspectives and insights, bringing Scripture to life in new ways. Encourage discussion, ask questions, and open up “harder” passages–you may learn insights from someone you never expected!

  7. Historical Context Study: Diving into the Past

    Studying the historical and cultural contexts of biblical times can be an incredible way to gain new insight on the Word of God. For example, the cultural significance of Jesus speaking to a Canaanite woman at the well can open up the story of John 4 in a whole new way.

  8. Multilingual Exploration: Exploring in Different Languages

    If you’re bilingual or learning a new language, try reading the Bible in that language. It can offer fresh nuances and a deeper appreciation of the texts.

  9. Bible Apps with Interactive Features: Making Study Fun

    If you’re competitive or goals-driven, Dwell makes it easy to track your listening time and set reminders that keep you engaged and help you stay on track with your Bible listening aims.

  10. Mindful Reading: Savoring Each Word

    Slow, mindful reading of the Bible allows you to ponder each verse and let the words resonate deeply. This is also called lectio divina and can be a profound way to let the Word of God speak.

  11. Scripture Memorization Challenges: Keeping the Word Close

    Challenge yourself to memorize scriptures. This practice deepens your understanding and can help solidify truth in a powerful way.

  12. Bible Reading Retreats: Dedicated Time for Reflection

    Attending or organizing a Bible reading retreat offers an immersive environment to connect with the Word of God. Retreats can help you slow down, turn down the volume, and reflect on Scripture without the distractions of your everyday life.

Think Outside the Box

God is creative! In 2024, thinking outside the box often involves using technology to grow in spiritual disciplines like reading the Bible. Believe it or not, your smartphone doesn’t have to distract you from Jesus…it can bring you closer when used in the right way!

But don’t limit technology to your devotional life–digital tools can also be used to give to the local Church, connect with your small group, and more. Tithely offers a full suite of tech tools that make engaging with the local church easier and more convenient than ever. Learn more here.

Meet the Guides: Peter Batarseh

Get to know the team behind Dwell Daily, our all-new biblical devotional for spiritual transformation, available exclusively in the the Dwell app!


Peter Batarseh is a Jordanian Christian living in Nashville, Tennessee since 1993. For 17 years he served as a parish priest and a first-responder chaplain. He and his wife Diana have five inspiring young adult children. Diana is the creator of Ask Me WhoOo, a children’s music catechism project, and founding head of school at King’s Academy Nashville. Peter now loves spending time with Piper the Aussie-doodle, in his carpentry shop, and working on a Master’s Degree in Orthodox Christian Theology.


  1. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

    I was born in Ajlun, Jordan, ancient Mt. Gilead, just five months after the 1967 Six-Day War. The following year, we moved to America. I was raised near Rochester in Lima, NY, and have lived in Nashville, TN, for 30 years.

  2. What drew you to join this project with Dwell?

    I had the joy of meeting Tripp Prince. When I learned he was part of the Dwell team, I took the opportunity to share how my wife, Diana, and I have been active listeners for a good while and that listening has been a significant source of encouragement! We have served God in ministry roles for nearly four decades, including serving Christian authors in recent years as vocal talent, recording a handful of books for Audible. I told Tripp that if the opportunity ever presented itself, I would be honored to participate in the Dwell community! And here we go, delighted to be a small part of the lives of our listeners and friends through Dwell Daily.

  3. What is your favorite story or character in the Bible?

    Do many people say Jesus? I remember like it was yesterday; Mrs. Vellekoop told our VBS kindergarten class about the love Jesus showed for us on Calvary’s cross. From that moment on, I wanted to listen to anything Jesus said and be just like him.

  4. Do you have a favorite verse of Scripture?

    Revelation 12:11 reminds me how we share a journey that will have moments of joy, but this world also promises to be fraught with sadness, pain, and grief—some of which will seem insurmountable. The Apostle John gives us a look behind the scenes and reminds us of our foe, but even more so, the path Jesus victoriously cleared by overcoming the powers of death and darkness. Here, we also learn that sharing our stories of overcoming hardship can encourage someone else in theirs. Our stories are not just our own—they testify to God’s power and faithfulness in our lives, something we should share with our world.

  5. What is one thing you hope the Dwell community gains through this new content? 

    I will start by saying, “Don’t Believe Everything You Think.” For instance, when staring down the face of an unexpected challenge, trauma, or conflict, in the heat of the moment, we are not offered the luxury to contemplate and form the best response. By then—it’s too late. When the alarms begin to blare, we only have a blink of time to retrieve whatever technique, tool, thought, or truth we’ve stored away, If our tank is empty, we’re left to REACT, exasperating the fire. My hope and prayer is that as we daily fill our minds and hearts with the vast array of God’s promises, we are equipped to pause, take every thought captive, silence negative assumptions and lies—and RESPOND according to the eternal truths of God’s word. “…Whatever is True…Think On These Things.” (Philippians 4:8)

Meet the Guides: Jessika Gössl

Get to know the team behind Dwell Daily, our all-new biblical devotional for spiritual transformation, available exclusively in the the Dwell app!


Jessika Gössl is a devoted Voice Over Artist on a divine mission to share the Word of God through her voice. Beyond the recording booth, she nurtures her creative spirit by writing stories and cultivating her vegetable garden, all while dreaming of one day owning a farm that echoes the Creator’s gifts. Her compassion extends to rescuing strays, as she spends her free time rehoming and caring for abandoned animals.


  1. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

    I grew up in Surrey, England, and still, 30 years later, live in this beautiful green county.

  2. What drew you to join this project with Dwell?

    During last year’s season of Prayer and Fasting, my apostle mentioned the Dwell app, holding its incredible features in high esteem. Fueled by curiosity, I decided to check it out, and have been gripped ever since. Now, as I reflect on 2023, I find myself incredibly blessed with the opportunity to collaborate with the Dwell team, a blessing that has enriched my walk with Christ in countless ways.

    Throughout my life, I’ve witnessed the power of studying and sharing the Word of God with others; it often fosters connection, spiritual growth and transformation. What excites me most about this project is the opportunity to fellowship with one another and begin our busy day by purposefully and prayerfully unpacking the Word of God as He speaks to us. This daily practice is a gift and holds immense potential for enriching our lives and deepening our relationship with the Father.

  3. What is your favorite story or character in the Bible?

    Since I was a child, my favorite character in the Bible has been Job. Job’s journey through immense suffering, his unwavering faith and his ultimate restoration have always been both astounding and inspiring to me. When I think of Job, I’m reminded that even in the face of my own adversities, placing my faith and trust in God is never a mistake and can lead me to redemption and renewal.

  4. Do you have a favorite verse of Scripture?

    It’s hard for me to choose just one, but one of my many favorites is Psalm 23:4, “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” I love this powerful reminder to put my trust in God’s presence and protection, even in the most challenging and daunting circumstances. That I don’t have to succumb to fear, because when I surrender everything to God, He is there to guide, protect and comfort me.

  5. What is one thing you hope the Dwell community gains through this new content? 

    My prayer for the Dwell community is that Dwell Daily becomes a treasured daily moment of stillness and reflection with God amidst life’s hustle and bustle. It’s my hope that it draws each member closer to God’s presence, allowing them to savor and abide in the richness of His love and truth anytime, anywhere. I pray this communal experience fosters a curiosity about God’s Word and leads to a deeper relationship with Him and a transformation into the likeness of Christ.

Meet the Guides: Ian Wooldridge

Get to know the team behind Dwell Daily, our all-new biblical devotional for spiritual transformation, available exclusively in the the Dwell app!


Ian lives, works, and plays in Vero Beach, Florida with his wife Jordie and their little girl, Eden Joy — oh, and also with their very wild goldendoodle! He serves as a pastor at Pillar Community Church, and enjoys reading, birdwatching, and tending to creative music and writing pursuits outside of his day-to-day pastoral work. His aim in life is very simple: to love God, love like God, and to know union with the Trinity through apprenticeship to Jesus Christ.


  1. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

    I was born and raised in Louisville, KY, but now call Vero Beach, FL home!

  2. What drew you to join this project with Dwell?

    I’m very excited to have been invited into this project because I have always resonated with Dwell’s heart: to recover the ancient practice of listening to Scripture. What particularly excites me about this project is to have the opportunity to not just read Scripture over folks, but to be able to carefully and prayerfully guide them into experiencing how God might be speaking to them through the reading.

  3. What is your favorite story or character in the Bible?

    Aside from Jesus, my favorite character would be Barnabas. In Acts 11, it says of him that “he was a good man, full of the Holy Spirit and faith, and a great number of people were brought to the Lord.” It’s my deep desire, too, to be pervaded by virtue and full of the Holy Spirit — so that as a result, people might come to know friendship with Jesus.

  4. Do you have a favorite verse of Scripture?

    My favorite verses are Philippians 2:3-4. My prayer is to know this kind of humility so as to love like Jesus loved.

  5. What is one thing you hope the Dwell community gains through this new content? 

    My hope and prayer is that the Dwell community would find Dwell Daily to be a sweet opportunity to pause each day, come home to the presence of God, and to leave from that pause refreshed in His love and truth. I’m excited for how God will move in peoples’ lives through this simple yet powerful practice!

Meet the Guides: Viv David

Get to know the team behind Dwell Daily, our all-new biblical devotional for spiritual transformation, available exclusively in the the Dwell app!


Viv David lives into her name pretty well: she’s full of life, creativity, and vivacity! She enjoys jumping into life wholeheartedly: cooking, gardening, singing, hiking, writing, and hanging out with friends. Viv hosts folks on retreat in her big old house in Eastern Ontario when she’s not planning spiritual formation resources for the staff team at Youth For Christ across Canada. 


  1. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

    I live in a rural area of Ontario, about an hour from Ottawa, not far from where I was raised. I drive by my old highschool all the time. I had always been open to leaving and exploring the world, but through all my travels, God seems to bring me back to my home soil. This past year, my mom and I partnered to buy a big old house that we’re working on shaping into a small retreat centre, so we’re planted here for the next little while, for sure! If you’re ever out near Ottawa, send me a message and I would be thrilled to host you!

  2. What drew you to join this project with Dwell?

    I’ve always loved encouraging people to look at scripture through a different lens, watching it come alive as we talk and share out loud. Reading scripture together is an important part of growing into Christ’s heart, for me. The opportunity to walk with others through the spoken Word of God is a great gift for me. When I sit down to record the pieces for Dwell Daily, I think of each person hearing on the other end. It’s so cool to know that we’re all connected through the Holy Spirit as we listen to God’s word and pray!

  3. What is your favorite story or character in the Bible?

    I really really like to think about Thomas. I don’t like to call him “Doubting Thomas” because I think he’s just being honest and real about the things he’s wondering after Jesus died and then resurrected. I appreciate being given permission to ask tough questions, to have moments where I’m not sure. It’s special to know that Jesus went out of His way to meet Thomas in exactly the way that he needed. I love experiencing moments like that in my own life, where Jesus walks with me and answers my heart’s longings.

  4. Do you have a favorite verse of Scripture?

    I think Psalm 16:8 is a verse that puts in words alot of the things I want to remember alot of the time in my faith journey: “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” My eyes need to keep being reminded of where to go — to God. When I keep my eyes on God, life takes on a shape that is hopeful and joyful. It’s so easy to get caught up in the chaos of daily life and forget to look to God. 

  5. What is one thing you hope the Dwell community gains through this new content? 

    My prayer is that Dwell Daily will open up a community of connectivity, where listeners can hear other people’s ideas about scripture which will stir up their own imaginations and curiosity about God. Hearing the Word in a group reminds us that we are not alone in our walk with Christ. As we share ideas and questions, we grow together. I’m humbled to get to be part of that conversation in community.